Guide to Miami Spice 2018

August 1, 2018

Between Miami Spa Month and Miami Spice, I could happily schedule spa and dinner reservations every day if reality permitted.  While we still have a month left of Miami Spa, today kicks off Miami Spice – if you’re not sure what that is, let me explain. It’s two months of a taste bud sensory overload for all the Miami Foodies.

About 240 restaurants in South Florida participate, offering a 3-course, preset menu with killer (amazing) prices. You can get lunch or brunch deals for $23, or dinner for $39 per person. The menus usually highlight the restaurants popular dishes, but don’t be afraid to ask for items off their regular menu; you’re not limited. This is a great way for new Miami restaurants to make themselves known to the locals, and we also get to indulge with the yearly staple restaurants that are loved here in Miami. Not all restaurants will offer their Miami Spice menus daily, and some only offer it for lunch or dinner. Tip: I advise you to check with the menu online before making that reservation.

Miami Spice is a great time to check out that special place you’ve been wanting to take your loved one, celebrate a birthday with the family, or even just a get together with friends. Miami Spice has something for everyone!

You can start browsing through your options of all the participating restaurants here, and to look at their menu offering ahead of time – which I’m obsessed with doing, btw – here. Like I said; obsessed with browsing through the menus ahead of time, so I can dream over the food, before I get to drooling over it. When I pick where to go, I don’t always make it about the food, I like going somewhere with a distinct set up. Whether that’s an ocean view, a cool looking centerpiece at the bar, or a quiet and chic hole in the wall.

Here are a few of my recommendations from where I’ve been over the years:

  • Red Steakhouse, Miami Beach
  • NaiYaRa, Miami Beach
  • Zuma at The Epic, Downtown Miami
  • Katsuya at The SLS Hotel, Miami Beach
  • Sarsaparilla Club at The Shelborne Hotel, Miami beach
  • Quality Meats, Miami Beach
  • The Forge, Miami Beach
  • Smith and Wollensky, Miami Beach
  • PB Station, Downtown Miami

This year I’ve got my eye on:

  • Tuyo at the Miami Culinary Institute, Downtown Miami
  • Jaya at the Setai Hotel, Miami Beach
  • La Mar at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Downtown Miami
  • KOMODO, Downtown Miami
  • Azabu at the Marriott Stanton Hotel, Miami Beach
  • If you have any recommendations do share, I’d love to hear them!

Tips to take on Miami Spice

  1. Read this blog -Check ✓
  2. Visit the Miami Spice site and narrow down your options, you can filter by location, cuisine; lunch, brunch or dinner, and the participation day.
  3. Budget yourself, even with these special prices going on, things can add up. I’m sure a lot of us enjoy adding in some cocktails, a bottle of wine, or even something off the preset menu, so keep that in mind. Also think of parking, a lot of these places only offer valet or garage parking.
  4. Enjoy wherever you choose, remember overall it’s an experience. Now go and explore the savory tastes Miami has to offer!

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