Glossier Kicks off its 2019 Pop-Up Tour in Miami, FL

April 5, 2019

Glossier lands in Miami with a bunch of goodies to share! Lucky for us Miami peeps we get to experience Glossier’s first stop on their 2019 pop-up tour. For those who aren’t familiar, Glossier is a skin care and make up brand that focuses on nourishing your skin first and foremost. Glossier creates their products with help from Glossier users. They take consumer feedback very serious and continue to make products based on what is asked for in the market. They have two store locations, NYC and Los Angeles, the rest of the world shops online. Until we were blessed with their pop-up tour.

Having the pop up’s around the nation is marketing genius. It attracts the local crowd to shop in person and experience the brand. Glossier didn’t skip out on creating the pop-up with a very Instagram friendly space.
Exhibit A: I personally have never bought any Glossier product, so with the pop up in town I obviously wanted to check out it’s skincare goodness and maybe score some fun eyeliner from their PLAY collection.

I did a little research on their site to see what products to expect, I had my eye on the Milk Jelly Cleanser which was sold out at the pop-up, *sigh* but of course. (You and I can still buy it online here). Lucky for me I was given a sample of the product in my cute little Glossier branded bag, so excited for that. I tried on their highly popular Boy Brow, and I was sold and of course I needed to score their new Mango Balm DotCom product. It truly does smell like mango au-naturale.

The pop up was themed to be old school Miami Art Deco vibes, with shades of pinks a greens, the ultimate vanity goals. I was really impressed with how clean everything looked, you had staff constantly cleaning the table tops and mirrors. For some reason I was expecting a little chaos and a much smaller space, but it was the right size and very organized. They have all their products out to be sampled with personal sample make up swabs to try on everything you’d like. Once you‘re ready to buy you tell one of the staff members, swipe your card via iPad square, and voila! You wait until your name is called and you stuff magically appears in a bag for you.

With their latest Balm Dotcom launch introducing the Mango scent they had some dedicated props set up to get people buzzing. Including a cart that will be serving mango paletas (popsicles) around Miami this month. Yum…

Glossier’s pop-up will be in Wynwood Miami through April 28th
222 NW 26th Street, Wynwood, FL 33133
Sunday – Thursday 11AM – 7PM
Friday & Saturday 11AM – 9PM

Don’t miss out my Miami locals on the in person shopping experience. Follow along with Glossier as they will be touring other cities in 2019!

Tatiana Suhr, your Wandering Flamingo


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    danni ponce
    April 5, 2019 at 3:40 pm

    love this post! I can’t wait to go this weekend!

    • Reply
      April 10, 2019 at 12:24 pm

      Hope you enjoyed as much as I did! 🙂 Thank you!!

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