May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May 21, 2019

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I felt inspired to share my thoughts and knowledge on this topic. It hasn’t been until recent years where this topic has become more mainstream in the media. Now it has become a popular topic of discussion. Whether it’s May or not I continue to see relevant posts on ‘self -care’. People sharing their self-care Sunday rituals, uplifting quotes, and moments of zen. Self-care goes beyond bubble baths, face masks, and a fresh mani-pedi. It’s about setting time apart for yourself each day, doing things that make you happy and aide your mind. This goes for my fellow male-amigos too!

I’m also starting to see people sharing their truthful stories about their own struggles they have faced or are going through. And that is something worth paying attention to. Mental Health is less taboo, if you were to mention 10+ years ago you were seeing a therapist you were classified as if something was “wrong” with you and you weren’t “normal” or “stable”, you name it.

Today, there are so many resources to meet everyone’s therapeutic needs. Apps that offer; online therapy, meditation, guided yoga classes, guided deep breathing exercises, all at your fingertips! Even jobs are starting to offer ‘personal days’ making work environments more receptive to valuing their employees well being.

One new thought process about us human beings that I heard on a podcast linked here is: Our thoughts turn into feelings, and our feelings turn into our actions.Constant cycle, that only you have power over. The podcast episode is Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness: What is Toxic Stress & Why is She So Bad? with Dr. Caroline Leaf

My advice to you when your thoughts become heavy:
Go through it, don’t live there and trust the process of what you’re going through.


  • As I’ve mentioned before in a previous blog post, my friend Tina started a newsletter called ‘WTF is Self-Care’ you can subscribe here. Her bi-weekly newsletters have helped me to be more in touch and aware of my mind and needs, including those of others.
  • One podcast I’ve listened to that has made an impact in my day to day is: Wabi Sabi by Candice Kumai. She is all about embracing that life is ‘perfectly imperfect’ which is what Wabi Sabi translates into in Japanese.
  • The JVN podcast mentioned above, linked again here.
  • Apps: Calm, Headspace, Better Help, and YouTube for guided yoga/meditation. Also listening to calming music helps ease your mind.

The month of May shines a light on Mental Health, but that doesn’t mean it stops there. This is a year-round process, so always check in with yourself and others.

XOXO your Wandering Flamingo

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