Things To Do In Gainesville, FL

September 26, 2019

I wandered into Gatorville for the first time ever! Gainesville is exactly that, Gatorville. Almost every business or restaurant bar give a nod to the Gators. Which makes sense being it’s very central to the University of Florida. It felt like I was in college all over again. I had a blast reuniting with college friends and tequila.

I spent a few days here and was able to check out some of the local spots.

The Social at Midtown – The DJ was amazinggg, and so was the menu selection. Social is located in Midtown next to the ‘Undergrad’ bars. Which means exactly that, full on undergrads. Nevertheless it’s a great location to start the night off with good food and a good vibe. We took ourselves Downtown where it was more of an older crowd, meaning graduates. College towns make it a point to keep those two crowds separate. Everything closes at 2:00 AM there which was not what I’m used to in Miami. Although it was alleviating knowing I was about to hop in an Uber home. *Grandma Status*

Metro Diner – They serve breakfast and lunch items all day long. They offer a great menu selection for all your sweet and salty needs. Metro Diner originated in Jacksonville, FL and have been spreading warm love and home made cooked meals for nearly 25 years. Great service too!

The Swamp – This is a staple place in Gainesville. I had lunch there and was not amused, their food is not their specialty. I can very much imagine a night out during a football game the place can get rowdy. It’s a two floor bar with a hanging gator for decor. You can’t get more ‘college bar’ than that. I’d like to go back during a football game to see that environment.

Grub – This place was very modern and quick with their service. Their main food dish are burgers, but they offer a variety of items. You can find bowls, sandwiches, salads, and common appetizers. They even offer beer & wine with a cocktail menu. I can’t forget their milkshakes and even spiked shakes, those are for next trip.

Some places I wasn’t able to fit in on this trip but I plan to visit in the future are below.

Devil’s Mill Hopper Geographical Park – A park that offers all outdoor activities you can think of; hiking trails, swimming, camping, biking, tubing, and much more.
Sweet Buns – An oriental market that sells homemade sticky sweet buns with infused flavors, and cakes.

If you have any Gainesville suggestions please do share as I will be returning there often!

XOXO your Wandering Flamingo

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