Night Out at the Marlins Park

October 2, 2019

Am I a die hard baseball fan? No. Do I like to have a good time? Yes.

Given that the playoffs for baseball started yesterday I wanted to share this baseball post. And maybe inspire you to catch a Marlins game next time around, or even a Dolphins Game soon. There is a lot more to the experience than just the game.

I was able to score some impromptu tickets to see our Miami Marlins Baseball team play the Kansas City Royals last month and here is how it went.

How My Night Went

Showed up, scanned our tickets, and got gifted a bobble head. First stop was the bar before we headed to our seats. I was surprised to see a lot of Royal fans here in Miami, who would have thought? Funny enough our seats were located right next to 25 Royal fans filling in 3 rows. They were all there to support Jorge Soler, who is a Cuban-born baseball professional who plays #12 Right Fielder. Nonetheless we joined in on the cheering when Jorge was up to bat. Besides that, cheering for Marlins all the way. We also witnessed two, not one, but two wedding proposals. I really hope they have some underlying love story for baseball or the Marlins for that to happen. Both couples got engaged successfully, one couple exchanged a pat on the back after she said yes. It was a little awkward to watch, but funny AF.

Things To Do At The Stadium

Let’s talk food. We were on the hunt for Nathan’s Hot dogs and another drink. The Marlins Park has 15 restaurant options to choose from and all types of cuisine. Bars are also scattered throughout the stadium. They even have the Budweiser Bar and the Clevelander Bar to hang out in.

Besides watching the game, you can walk around the stadium and enjoy the ‘Bobble head Museum.’ They have table top games going on where you can win prizes, a kids park to play at, and a VR batting cage. Who knows maybe you hit a few fast balls and get scouted to play the big leagues?

Being that the Miami Marlins haven’t had the best winning streaks tickets are relatively inexpensive. If you’re looking for a fun filled outing don’t overlook a Marlins game at the Stadium. Go with friends, family, or bring the person you want to propose to …it’s obviously a popular spot…


I’m just kidding, do you boo boo <3

XOXO Your Wandering Flamingo

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