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Motivational Tips from the Startup Sisters Miami Chapter Kick-Off

October 23, 2019

Startup Sisters USA kicked off their first event for the Miami chapter this week called ‘Women Lead Miami.‘ The event was lead by Lauren Marsicano, who is the chapter president and major boss babe. The event was tip-top start to finish, very well executed! I wouldn’t have changed a thing so kudos to them, because I know how hard event planning can be, and all the important details! They will start hosting monthly workshops and meet ups in 2020. #Cantwait

I wanted to share some valuable points that were shared by the lovely ladies of the panel and keynote speaker. I’ll link their Instagram handles below, and event link that share a little bit about them and this organization.

Motivational Tips

  1. Find the difference in what fulfills you vs. what brings you revenue
    Example: Posting on IG can fulfill you, but what brings you revenue is your blogging website content
  2. Set your top three (3) goals/priorities and evaluate what in your life is in alignment with your core 3 goals, and what is not. Everything else is a distraction
  3. Where is my ideal client? on IG, LinkedIn, don’t forget offline marketing (it still very much exists)
  4. Identify your target audiences needs and pain points. What solution can you offer? Be a problem solver.
  5. Find your WHY, and remember your WHY
  6. Be consistent
  7. Have patience and gratitude
  8. You need to get through it to get to it
  9. The way you eat the whole cake is piece by piece, so take the master plan piece by piece
  10. You don’t know, what you don’t know
  11. Some will, some won’t, so what? So next
  12. Don’t take anything personal (one if my golden rules that has made a difference in my life)
  13. Actions create confidence
  14. Comparison is the thief of joy (Another one of my favorites)
  15. The problem is not you, it’s your perception of the problem
  16. Be there for the ones you love
  17. Be present for the little and big moments
  18. Design your own life
  19. Managing your own time is the ultimate freedom you can have
  20. Life is short, make it count
Find the lovely ladies and their business endeavors on Instagram below and branch out to their other platforms to connect with them wherever works best for you.


xoxo your Wandering Flamingo

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