Artechouse Exhibit – Infinite Space by Refik Anadol

October 25, 2019

There is a new art installation going on in Miami, specifically Miami Beach at Artechouse. Currently they are hosting the exhibit Infinite Space by Refik Anadol. Opening weekend was October 5th and you can view the exhibit through January 2020. Adult tickets are $24.00, Students & Seniors $20.00, and children ages 2-14, $17.00. Right now is the soft opening, and the grand opening will be happening at the end of this month. The grand opening will include a few more parts of the exhibit for viewing.

Once you arrive at your designated ticket time you will be brought to watch a 3 minute video. The video shows the making of the installation and the story purpose by Refik himself. You’re then given shoe covers (cuutee) to walk around the exhibit, reason being there are a lot of glass and mirrored flooring.

I’ll go through the exhibit spaces but I won’t go into detail to not give much away. It’s for you to experience and interpret as you will.

There are currently 3 areas to explore in the two story exhibit space. The first one on the 1st floor is an open concept space where you are surrounded by projected screens. These screens are showcasing multiple designs one after another for you to soak in. You can even sit on the floor bean bags if you’d like and chill out for a bit. On the second floor you find 3 cubed mirrors you can step inside and explore the concept of ‘Infinite Space.’ Tip: Great place to snag some photos for the gram! I saw some people get real creative in those spaces, I’m sure the photos came out amazing. Third spot we explored in the exhibit was the actual infinite room. This one was pretty trippy. It’s a 2 person 4 minute experience. You will have to see it for yourselves

Linked below you can find more about the artist and his exhibit. \\  @refikanadol \\

“Our lives are framed by a sense of finitude: the sense that everything that we perceive will cease to exist one day. But if finitude is the only absolute truth in life, how can we imagine structures and patterns that repeat themselves into an imperceivable horizon? How do we frame imagined realities that represent something beyond our perception of life and of linear time?”

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