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BOIE Shower Scrub Review

January 31, 2020

Want that smooth skin feel? I got you!

I shared last week that I bought a body scrbber from BOIE, and I’ m never going back to a loofah again. I’ve heard in years past that loofahs and wash cloths hold a lot of bacteria overtime and must be replaced often, which is what I was doing. But once I saw the recommended product from Rachel Love, I said, “I have to have this in my life!”

I’ve been using the shower scrub for two weeks now and can’t imagine life without it. The bristles are soft enough for my skin, yet strong enough where I feel exfoliated and clean.

Let me tell you the benefits of using the BOIE body shower scrubber

  • Exfoliating on the skin
  • Antimicrobial – doesn’t harvest bacteria on the scrub
  • Sticks to the shower wall
  • BPA – Free
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable, only sold for $8.00

BOIE also offers other products such as: a face scrubber and toothbrushes!

My honest opinion is that I can’t see myself going back to a loofah and feeling good about it. I do feel the BOIE Shower Scrub doing its job while I’m also reaping the skincare benefits. It’s easy to use and clean, so why not make my life easier and better.

If you have any questions on the product let me know!

XOXO Your Wandering Flamingo

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